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What can we learn from Zoos Victoria?

At the last CAN meeting we were lucky to have 2 great guest speakers. The first was Jenny Gray, CEO of Zoos Victoria, who talked to us about her key messages on being a leader and influencing change and what we can learn from working with animals. Her simple points resonated with the group and included points such as know who you are working with, know your environment, and understand your competition – all interspersed by very cute animal pictures.

The second speaker was Shirley Gill, a Psychologist and Senior Trainer at Turning Point. Shirley spent time talking to us about evidence-based practice and what it is, how to identify it, and how to use it.

We heard what our guest speakers shared with us and have developed a sector survey to gather evidence on what the sector views as the current major clinical issues and dilemmas. This survey will help us better understand the sectors needs and the environment and guide the focus of our activities for the next year.

Posted by Cindy van Rooy CAN Communications

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