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Change Agent And Leadership

Building the leadership capability of the specialist Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) workforce is an important component of delivering more innovative, visionary and effective services. Leadership development strategies must be targeted at multiple levels of the AOD sector, including team leaders, managers, clinicians and senior executives to bring about change. The challenge is to generate a culture of openness and awareness to the needs of the sector and to create a platform where emerging leaders can flourish, and innovation and quality are developed as part of a commitment to improving the client’s treatment journey and the experiences of clients and families. 


Every leader must also be a change agent. Leaders need to be proactive and prepared for service changes to the AOD sector, a sector which is constantly evolving and shifting. Change is difficult as it is often resisted as it tends to disrupt the normal ways of operating. As a change agent, leaders need to be able to adapt to a changing environment and to have the skills and experience to able to turn a strategy into reality.

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